Create a personalized book to tell your children the story of a relative! Every book is packed with fun stories your family will treasure. 

Storytime now starring your family! 


Provide fun facts about the ancestor of your choosing.

Happy Child

How It Works

Print & Ship

Mad Lib

We’ll feature your content next to personalized illustrations.

Your book will be bound and sent to you in an heirloom storybook.

Children hear the stories of their ancestors and learn about their family.

And the Jobs and Hobbies in Between!

From Childhood to Parenthood

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Including the Big Day and College Days

Custom Content Based on Their Life

Pick from a number topics to share their story including:

  • Birth Place
  • Number of siblings
  • Hobbies
  • Profession
  • Country of immigration / heritage
  • Name of spouse
  • Date and location of marriage
  • Number of children
  • Favorite holiday
  • Major historical events in their lifetime

Pass down your stories

The perfect gift

You provide custom content so that each story is completely personalized for your child. 

Each story totally unique

Create an avatar to put your relative in the middle of all the action alongside customized illustrations.  

Memorialize the life of a loved one in a way that kids will remember and cherish. 

Your ancestor is the hero

Share the gift of family with a book that will strengthen family relationships across several generations.

Some of Our Happy Families!

Amanda P.

“I’m sitting here in tears after reading this amazing book. Thank you! Your idea and your work is so incredible. I can’t wait to share this with our family! You have a customer for life in me!”

Katie C.

"The best part is its all done in the sweetest most child friendly way you could imagine. The cost was exceptionally affordable when you consider the amount of personal detail included!"

Newport Beach, CA

Raleigh, NC

Create a personalized book to bring your family narrative to life!

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Tell your children a story that matters, one about the people who came before them. We make it easy for you to create a beautiful storybook your family can pass down for generations.